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Elf Lipstain Nude Nectar

Monday, 8 April 2013

So I promised you reviews on my recent haul and first up is the Elf Lipstain in Nude Nectar. This was something I purchased myself and thought the colour sounded nice.

On opening the package it looked red rather than nude. It looks like a felt tip (marker) and extremely dry. I could barely swatch it on my hand and had to really scrub it into my lips to show any colour. My lips are quite pigmented naturally but even so I may have not bothered with the Lipstain. I think I would rather pay an extra £1 or so for the studio version next time as very disappointed with the Essential Lip Stain.
Have you had a better experience with the Essentials Lip Stain? 
Comment and let me know :D

It doesn't look at bad in picture 2 due to flash (evening time and bad lighting sorry) but you can see by the swatch in picture 3 how poorly pigmented it is. Even scribbling it on paper it barely left a mark and was like trying to use a dried up marker.

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